The ancient Taoist spiritual tradition focuses on being one with the Tao, a state of balance and harmony. Its meditation and energetic practices nourish the energy of the body, mind, and spirit and have proven to be especially beneficial for health and vitality.

Our approach to teaching the Taoist Internal Arts is progressive and developmental. Each class or lesson gives specific instruction, and, at subsequent lessons, the instructor provides individual feedback and builds on students’ experiences and practice.

Taoist Water Method Meditation develops openness, calm, and clarity of mind. Specific techniques are taught to dissolve blocked emotions and life experiences locked in the body so that energy (chi or qi) flows freely, rejuvenating the mind and spirit. In our chaotic, stressful times, meditation can provide a refuge of calm and peace.

Chi Gung (Qigong) means “energy development” and is an element of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practiced in China for 5000 years, it has withstood the test of time as a superior health maintenance system. Taoist Chi Gung exercises improve and amplify the flow of chi — life force energy — in the body. Practice Chi Gung to aid recovery from illness or injury, and simply to feel more vibrant and alive.

There are many types of Chi Gung exercises. Whatever your interest — improved health, more energy, relaxation, improved martial arts performance — there is a Chi Gung exercise appropriate for you. We offer instruction in Chi Gung sets for those with various levels of experience and a variety of health needs and concerns. Courses include Dragon Tiger Chi Gung, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, and Opening the Energy Gates of the Body (all from the Energy Arts System), the Ten Taoist Exercises, the Eight Brocade, and more. We can tailor lessons to fit your needs.

Tai Chi Chuan was created as a martial art and employs Taoist principles to develop chi and, consequently, power. Today most people practice Tai Chi as a whole body exercise for health and as an art offering mental, emotional, and spiritual rewards. Wu Style Tai Chi, the most commonly practiced type of Tai Chi in China, is famous for its healing benefits. Through practice of this “meditation in motion”, you can develop more flexibility, resilience, improved coordination, strength, and better balance, along with increased energy.

The 16-move Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form developed by Master Bruce Frantzis is a good introduction to Tai Chi. It is energetically balanced and includes the fundamental elements that make Tai Chi work for health. The Short Form takes about five minutes to practice and is an excellent daily chi exercise.

The Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form includes 185 moves. We teach the form of Wu Jian Chuan (Wu Jianquan).

Bagua Zhang is a sister art to Tai Chi. Based on the I Ching, it is also known as The Celestial Martial Art. Its practice involves circle walking and is highly aerobic. It is recommended that students learn Tai Chi and/or Chi Gung before starting Bagua.