Mary Christianson has practiced Taoist Internal Arts for 35+ years.

• First person certified to teach the Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form by Lineage Master B.K. Frantzis who learned from Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh in Beijing

• Teaching assistant of Master Frantzis, 1989-93, has studied with him since mid-1980’s

• Studied with Master B.P. Chan in NYC for 10 years


• Has taught Tai Chi, Chi Gung, and meditation in New York City, Berkeley, at the Center for International Medicine and the Aikido Institute in Oakland, California, and at Brookline Tai Chi in Brookline, Massachsetts

• Teaches people of all ages and abilities from beginning to advanced

• Developed meditation and Chi Gung programs for young people on the Autism Spectrum and those with ADHD and other neurological differences

Other education

• B.A. in visual arts from Bennington College

• Teaching certification from Dominican College, San Rafael, California

• Studied Chinese language at Hunter College, NYC and Taiwan National Normal University

Wu Style Tai Chi, Part the Wild Horse’s Mane

Wu Style Tai Chi, Part the Wild Horse’s Mane (above),

Single Whip (below)